London Tube Лондонское Метро. Доклад по английскому языку 6 класс

London Underground, which is also called Tube, offers people more convenient, speedy and direct form of travel. The Underground war opened at the end of the 19th century, in 1884. Now there are more than 270 stations. You can recognize the Tube stations by the red and blue signs at the street level. There is no fixed fare, because it depends on the distance you travel. You can buy a ticket or a ticket-stub from a booking office clerk or from a machine. There are 8 different underground lines in the London Underground system. The travelers, who are not familiar with the Tube, should always consult the map.

The passenger traffic in the London subway in 2011 made 1171 million people, on the average more than 3 million passengers a day. On an annual passenger traffic the London subway takes the eleventh place in the world and the third place in Europe after Moscow and Parisian.

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