St. Basil’s Cathedral Доклад по Английскому «Собор Василия Блаженного»

Now I am going to say a few words about St. Basil’s Cathedral. It was made in 1561.

The cathedral has 11 domes (купола). Its height is 65 meters and it is very beautiful.

First of all  I will give you a few historical facts about it. History of this church began in 1552, when Ivan the 4 owned The khanate of Kazan (ханство)

An ancient legend says  that during the battle with The khanate of Kazan, Ivan went in the field Church and began to pray. And then a powerful impetus (удар) threw all the enemies and troops of Ivan won. When Ivan returned to Moscow, he decided to thank God and built St. Basil’s Cathedral. However, the author of this masterpiece is unknown, because according to the legend, Ivan ordered  to put out the architect’s eyes so he could not build anything else for anybody.

Now a little about the style of the Cathedral. It is made in a mixture of hipped (шатровый) and cross-dome (крестово-купольный) style. The main dome representing God, executed in tent-style, but the rest of the part belongs to the cross-dome style. Inside a large number of pillars. They serve both as decoration and as a fastener for domes. Also on the walls are many images of saints.

These two styles of architecture are the most famous. you can see them at almost every russian church

the mystery of the Temple. The main puzzle of St. Basil’s Cathedral is that at each of the 10 domes located the mother of God, and on the main dome is God, although the dome signify more.


The temple is rectangular in shape with four poles is divided into longitudinal (продольный) parts, called naves. 4 the Central column are connected by arches supporting the dome. (For example the dome mentioned above).The Central space forms a cross(so called).In the East of the church is placed an altar and apse.

hipped style was borrowed from the wooden architecture, and the point was the lack of columns. The dome held only by the base. Such domeы were small so as not to break through the roof and there were usually a few domes.

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